Eurasian Institute of research in Billilogy

Yuji Imayo

The first class Architect of Japan, interior designer, was born on the 1st of June, 1966, Japanese. From his childhood has been showing the interest to the Truth and creation of the Universe. While a pupil he was fond of creative work. He is a student of world-known architect Kisho Kurokawa. He did his student’s life in the Ryukyu islands (prefecture Okinawa), worked in many countries of the world: Brunei, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Holland, Italy. In Kazakhstan he took part in projection the building of International Airport in Astana city and in designing the complex “Sakura Home” in Almaty. In 2006 he married a Kazakh lady that made his decision to stay in Kazakhstan. Thus on 07.07.07 there was organized “Imayo Creation” LLC, that deals with architecture design, aiming to preserve and improve the ecology of Almaty city. In 2003 the faithful meeting of Yuji Imayo and Ten Chu had happened, that formed this further direction of his spiritual progress. From that moment practically all the activity of Yuji Imayo is determined to basic Truth studies of “Billy” E.A. Meier.

Ten Chu (25 Dec. 1923 - 13 Jun. 2013)

Composer, musicologist public figure, a member of Composer’s Union of Kazakhstan, professor, doctor of philology and tenuar professor of conservatoire at Chang Yang University (Seoul, Republic of Korea) honored figure of culture of Republic of Kazakhstan, was born on 25th of December 1923 in South Korea. He studied composition at the Nihon Daigaku University (Tokyo). Learned Russian language at the Foreign languages Institute in Pyongyang (North Korea). Graduated from Moscow conservatoire on the class of composition guided by Professor An. Alexandrov. His compositions are widely performed in Kazakhstan and abroad. In 1990 he was awarded with a medal of Republic of Kazakhstan “For Labor Achievement” in his work. In 2001 he was awarded by President of the Republic of Korea with the Folk Order “Tong Beck Tjang” “Camilia”. For his great contribution into public and cultural development of the Republic of Korea he was awarded with KBS prize of Korean aboard Diaspora (Seoul, 2004). He is a co-chairman of International political organization “The Front of salvation and struggle for democratic union of Korea”. From his early days he was interested in meditation, astronomy, searching for constant laws of living. He got acquainted with Billy’s studies from 1990 and is one of his enthusiastic followers a propagandist. A passive member of the FIGU society. Personal acquaintance with “Billy” E.A. Meier got place in 2004 and served as a stimulus for spreading the studies of Truth, the creation of Eurasian Institute of research in Billilogy, and the library at the Institute, the creation of Public Fund of “Billy” E.A. Meier and the University of “Billy” E.A. Meier in perspective.

Hiromichi Thoma

Hiromichi Thoma was born on 8 of February, 1938. 1st of May, 1977 from the letter of the American UFO researcher Wendelle Stevens has learned about Billy. In the beginning he has translated Talmud Jmmanuel book independently written in German and, having read through it, has understood, in what mission Billy consists. It considers, that its efforts were rewarded as owing to this translation in Japan for the first time have got acquainted with Billy’s creation. He henceforth constantly is going to make all efforts to live following true which distributes Billy Meier.


Nurzhamal Mamytbekova

University teacher, associate professor, head of the English language teacher's section. She was born on July 27 1948, Kazakh. She graduated from Almaty Institute of Foreign languages in 1970, acquired a qualification as an English language teacher. She worked at Karaganda higher school of Ministry of Internal Affairs, at Feminine Pedagogical Institute and at Kazakh Institute of Physical Education in Almaty, at Kazakh National Music Academy in Astana and at Eurasian Innovation University in Pavlodar. Pedagogical experience is 39 years. In this period she has passed refresher courses in Kiev (1972), in Almaty (1980), in Moscow (1986), in Leningrad (1991). She has participated in international seminars of scientists teachers from Great Britain and USA. She has more than 30 articles, reports, thesis, methodological works for bachelor, master and doctor degree students published. In 2000 she was honored with the title " High achiever of education of Republic of Kazakhstan ". These days she collaborates with a professor Ten Chu and Yuji Imayo in creating a library for works of "Billy" E. A. Meyer in Russian language.

Gulzhamal Mamytbekova

Russian language teacher, expert in literature. She was born on April 29 1951, Kazakh. She has graduated from philology department of Pavlodar Pedagogical Institute, majoring in Russian language and literature. Pedagogical experience started from teaching in a middle school and then continued in Juridical College of Ministry of Internal Affairs in Pavlodar. She has worked in a system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for 27 years. Over that period time she has passed refresher courses in Ryazan (1984) and in Moscow (1989). Now she is a retired lieutenant colonel. Starting from 1995 she has been interested in spiritual study and existence of the whole Universe. These days she is involved in editorship of the translation for "Billy" E. A. Meyer's works into Russian language.

Maria Pisareva

University teacher, head of the German language teacher's section. She was born on August 27 1937, Russian. She graduated from Almaty Institute of Foreign languages in 1960, majored German and Russian languages. From 1962 until 1964 she acquired her education in High Pedagogical Courses at the institute and after graduation had worked at Pavlodar Industrial Institute, which was later has changed the status to Pavlodar State University, for 28 years. She took refresher courses in Minsk in 1975 and in Almaty in1980. She participated in international seminar in Germany in 1972. From 1992 until 2002 she worked at the Kazakh-German college of business and took a trip to Germany as a interpreter to participate in Kazakh-German joint project for preparation intermediate level bank specialists. These days she translates works of "Billy" E. A. Meyer into Russian language.

Elina Ten


Ecole Superieur d’Agriculture (ESA), Angers, France 2008; Specialization in food industry

Al-Farabi Kazakh State National University, Almaty, Kazakhstan 2006; Specialization in Biochemistry, Bioinformatics

Alana Kazykhanova

Professor’s assistant

Student of Webster University of Austria, majoring in Psychology & Management, was born on the 15th of January 1988, Kazakhstan. Studied in United kingdom for 6 years at British Boarding School Haileybury. Currently she works as a part time freelance journalist.