Eurasian Institute of research in Billilogy

"Billy" Eduard Albert Meier
(The biography in brief)

“Billy” Eduard Albert Meier surely enough is called “The Tribune of Truth” on our planet. His life can be considered as a promotion for the benefit of humanity. He is a Herald of Universe Creation Low and spirit study transmitted him by representatives of  extraterrestrials.

“Billy” Eduard Albert Meier was born in Niderflax (canton Zurich, Switzerland) on the 3rd of February 1937. From 1942 his contact with exstraterrestrials started to appear: meetings with Sfath the representative of Pleadians (1942-1953), Asket arriving at the Earth from DAL-Universe (1953-1964)After a stop in 1964-1975 they started again and go on until present days: the contacts with Semjase, the granddaughter of Sfath, Ptaah, her father and others representatives of Planet Conglomeration. At this period “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier started his promotional mission; FIGU society was created (1975) and Semjase Silver Star Center (1978) as well.

Untill present moment there exists above 2000 pages (18 volumes) of  information devoted to contacts (more than 900 telepathic contacts and nearly 800 face-to-face meetings; totally there are more than 400 of it’s notes), approved with photo, audio and cinematographic material and thus large amount of material that proves the contacts.

“Billy” Eduard Albert Meier has been still living in Hinterschmidrueti in the countryside of Zurich and leads a creative very active life aimed to spreading the study of Truth that was transmitted him, serving to the benefit of mankind.

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