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About "Billy" Eduard Meier's book
“From the Depths of the Universe”

This book is neither a popular scientific novel nor a fictional narrative, it tells a completely fantastic story about real contacts of Edward Albert Meier (Billy) with aliens. This is a story that can hardly be accepted and perceived by ordinary modern reader living on our planet. The story carries us away, "normally thinking people", far out of our imaginations.

The incident with a little boy, when he first saw the spacecraft in the early 1940s, and then began to contact with aliens and flew with them in the vastness of the Universe, was accepted by him surprisingly with the adult steadfastness. The aliens acquainted him with their amazing knowledge, unimaginable technical development, achievements and almost incredible events, which led him - their "dedicated" friend and alien student, to the brink of impossible to perceive. And, even it seems to sound incredible, but this is proved by about a thousand sensational photos, as well as films, sound recordings and metal samples. And this proof materials of Meier, puzzles the experts of NASA and the US Air Force - What if the mysterious Swiss really speaks the truth?

After so many years, when the veil of secrets hidden by various special services was already opened, it is necessary to pay tribute to the man who spent 75 years of his life on bring this knowledge to people. Having no special education, he became the author of such books on Spiritual Teaching as "Life Existing in the Universe", "Life and Death", "The Law of Love","OM", "Genesis", "Arahat Atersata", "Talmud of Immanuel", etc. That was the result of his contacts with aliens from the constellation of the Pleiades with whom he still maintains contacts.

We present to your attention the first book in Russian "From the Depths of the Universe" by "Billy" (Eduard Meier). We want you to plunge into the exciting world of his adventures.

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