Eurasian Institute of research in Billilogy

What is Billylogy?

The main theme of discussions and principles of “Billy” E.A. Meier’s study are given in his multiple works and may be classified according to the following spheres of knowledge:

Cosmology: Creation of the Universe, history of the Earth, cosmoarcheology:

Anthropology: evolution of mankind, overpopulation;

Science of spirit: Spirit study, reincarnation, meditation, telepathy;

UFOlogy: interplanetary flights, Union of Planets, anthropology of non-Earthy life, visiting the Earth by extraterrestrials;

Other sciences: philosophy, religious studies, theology, art criticism, aesthetics, natural science, biology, genetics, cybernetics, linguistics, astronomy, medicine, ecology, sociology, futurology and so on.

Meeting Ten Chu with "Billy" E.A. Meier in FIGU and Semjase Silver Star Center (Switzerland) 05.07.2004

"Billy" E.A. Meier gives interview Ten Chu in Schmidrutty (Switzerland) 05.07.2004